Benefits of Working with Trex® Materials and TrexPro® Platinum Installers

Trex® is the leading brand of alternative decking, railing, and trim products designed to maximize your outdoor living experience. Trex Company created the composite decking category and revolutionized the industry.

Jason Alloway is a certified TrexPro®. He knows Trex® products inside and out and is experienced in the fine points of installation. His insight can help you design and build a deck or porch that fits your home and lifestyle.

What you need to know about TrexPros:

  • TrexPros are categorized according to their performance and customer feedback from Gold to Platinum, with Platinum being the highest.
  • TrexPro contractors know Trex products inside and out.
  • They have extensive experience with the finer points of Trex installation.
  • They bring a special insight to designing and building a deck that’s perfect for your home and lifestyle.
  • Each TrexPro contractor has been specially trained in Trex’s physical properties, so they can design, bend, and build whatever you need.
  • Each has had their work inspected and approved for craftsmanship and compliance with all Trex installation guidelines.
  • A TrexPro contractor has a contractor’s license and carries general liability insurance, as required by the state(s) where he conducts business. Additionally, TrexPros complete installation and product training on all Trex products and successfully meet requirements to obtain the TrexPro designation.
  • TrexPro Platinum contractors are the highest level of recognition available for an independent contractor and make up a select group of talented and dedicated professionals experienced with using Trex products to craft the deck of your dreams.

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